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Stress Reduction & Relaxation Techniques I Confident Body Breakthrough Podcast #014

The other week we asked the ladies of our paid programme which topic they would like to see discussed (we do one of these every week) and the most popular request,BY FAR, was relaxation tips.

I'm not surprised given the state of affairs we are facing right now.

It seemed like an appropriate time to deliver this topic with so much uncertainty and many of us succumbing to worry in the things we hear on the news or between friends over social media.

So we did the research and delved into stress and relaxation techniques that aren't 'woo-woo' or pseudo-science.

I might even ask the ladies if I can share this with you all -  it's their right as paying clients after all so no promises.

Anyway as I was gathering all the data for the presentation: it became apparent very quickly how much stress can impact our lives for the negative, outside of just not being able to lose weight.

There are a number of very damaging chronic conditions associated with long-term stress such as:

- Ageing.

- Chronic inflammation.

- Blocked heart vessels which could lead to a heart attack.

- Immunosuppression (slower to recover from things like cuts etc.)

- Higher risk of multiple disease states.

The list goes on...

Now we all know that stress in high-doses is bad for you.

But no-one really knows until we know.

Does that make sense?

Being consciously aware of WHAT the affects are will hopefully drive most of us to do something about it.

Especially for those of us that would be considered Type A people or that have high anxiety levels - we could do with chilling out-once-in-while.

And so, when the data was displayed in my Google Slides page ready for delivery, I was like "Wow I need to do my best to control my stress levels."

Now most of you are hear because you either want to lose weight, tone up, fit into a smaller dress, or just generally look better naked.

Which is the reason for this email today:

You can gain weight from being too stressed, duet o a retention of water in the body (which can give your belly that bloated look.)

You know what I'm talking about. When you wake up looking toned and slim, but by night-time you looked to have gained 7 lbs.

That might be to do with your stress levels.

So yes, body composition is directly correlated with stress management.


And this is a big but...

The other big reason stress can cause weight gain - comfort eating or emotional eating.

We actively seek out a quick relief from our stress via food or booze.

Said food or booze lowers our stress levels and increases our feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin and for a short-while we feel good again.

And that's the problem - a short while.

The high is short lived, and so we seek out that high again, and again, and again.

Before you know it - by the end of the week you're 3 takeaways down and 4 bottles deep into red wine.

This becomes a vicious cycle in which we programme ourselves to believe that highly-caloric food is the answer to our problems.

Except when we see the reflection in the mirror, and that dreaded feeling flows over us like a wave, that we are unhappy with they way we look - you guessed it - it makes us feel more stressed and more rubbish.

So it's time to take those long-term stressors out of the picture and take back control of our minds.

And how do we remove a big stress?

Take action.

Even if it's a teeny tiny step toward the positive it's going to make a massive difference.

If you're bored at work - ask for more responsibility.

If it's something your partner said - have that conversation and attack the situation from a win-win perspective and be honest.

Thoughts swimming around your head at night? Dump all the thoughts in your head on to a Word doc or notepad BEFORE you go to sleep (trust me on this one. It works.)

As long as you are taking action to improving your situation, you'll be able to take back control and help yourself in more ways than you can imagine.


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