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The Importance Of Sleep For Weight Loss I Confident Body Breakthrough Podcast #013

Quite an interesting thought - sleep to lose weight. I mean it breaks all normal conventions of weight loss. In that we must make sure we are dieting right and exercising hard in order to burn the fat stories in our belly and under the bra strap. But actually, getting a reduced amount of sleep IS a by-product of weight gain. And here's why: 1) You screw up your hunger hormones and become out-of-whack You know when you get that pang of hunger in your stomach signalling that you need to go make some lunch? That's grehlin - a hunger hormone that prompts you to take action and get some energy into your body. Ideally, when dieting we need to limit the amount of grehlin produced so we can reduce the chances of us eating too much food. We'd never want to completely remove grehlin because hormones are there to help regulate us and keep us alive. So grehlin does not equal bad. Though having it work FOR us rather than against us is always a win. On the flip side we have leptin, the sibling to grehlin, which signals when we are full. So leptin is really quite beneficial when dieting, especially as it will decrease when we start to lose weight due to changes in basal metabolic rate and energy expenditure. But the problem with managing these hormones is not just the balance of food in versus food out. Studies show that a lack of sleep will increase grehlin secretion and reduce leptin. Which I don't have to remind you is bad news when dieting. We don't want to increase our secretion of hunger hormones any more than we need to because our body is already fighting against us and telling us off for losing weight anyway. 2) You're more likely to seek out chocolate when you're tired. We've all had the 2:30 pm slump. All-of-a-sudden hitting the proverbial wall and sliding into nap mode whether at home or at our work desk. Or the feeling when we wake up from an unrestful nights sleep and need something to get us going at 10:30 am. So what do we go for when we feel lethargic? Energy. And as much of it as possible. And what types of food have the most energy? Anything with sugar, salt, fat, or a combination. All because you may have forgone decent sleep your calorie intake rises as a result. Doing more exercise is out of the question because you already feel tired from a lack of sleep. So you stress about it, which means you do not sleep as well and so the vicious cycle repeats. Therefore we need to break this cycle and start to look at weight loss from a holistic perspective. Which is why anytime a PT or health coach tells you that in order to lose weight you just need to 'eat less or move more' or 'just be in a calorie deficit babe' you can pretty much guarantee they don't offer much value outside of prescribing entertaining exercises or boring meal plans. So sleep is key. Really key to long-term weight management. Not only that a good nights sleep has a giant laundry list of health benefits too.

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