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Why Am I Hungry All Of The Time?

Hunger is probably THE biggest adversity you face when trying to lose weight and drop a dress size. Once you get past the tipping point and know why certain foods are more beneficial than others when losing weight (protein, protein, protein) it becomes a game of figuring out how you stop yourself eating lots of food when you are hungry. Funnily enough, when you are trying to lose weight and you eat less food: your body doesn't like it. It needs energy to survive. That energy comes from food. And so your body will throw every trick in the book at you in order to get you to buy that extra large pizza or even that Indian take-out. It does this even if you are overweight or obese. And it does this because of the following reason: Your brain is stuck in the stone-age and thinks you still need to cram as much food into your gob as possible. Just in case your cave-dwelling tribe loses all it's food-stock to a rival tribe. Yes, it's that primitive. But we have to accept that humans still have a lot of outdated biology that we haven't moved on from. And we give our ladies - following the FIT Mumma Method - a whole list of strategies to stop hunger killing their toning gains: - Avoid liquid calories as this inhibits the act of chewing which shortens your satiety response. In other words, if you drink full-fat Coke and sugary lattes for fun, you'll be more likely to over-indulge on food that day because you're not as full. - Sleep (who knew?) or lack thereof, will drive up your Grehlin response (hormone that signals you are hungry) and suppresses leptin (hormone that makes you feel full.) In other words if you are tired you'll want the chocolate. Not the salad. - Exercise style that compliments your recovery and hunger management. If you jog a lot or complete high intensity body weight circuit or boot camp style classes and proceed to eat your face full of ice cream: this type of exercise is not helping you, it's actually hindering you. - We recommend the minimum dose of cardio that is effective for your goals combined with a decent resistance training plan that doesn't leave you gassed after 30 burpees. - Meal frequency, in that if you only consume two meals per day and feel hungry, those meals aren't satisfying your hunger levels. The same goes for 5-7 smaller meals. If these meals are so small that you are thinking about food all of the time then it's having the reverse affect. - Aim for 3-4 meals per day, spaced out evenly. And if you like skipping breakfast then skip breakfast. There's no evidence to show that you have to eat breakfast. Now these are the basics as to why you might be hungry, and there are a lot more that could be the cause. - Boredom. - Lack of desire in life to achieve great things. - Hormonal imbalance. - Undiagnosed stressors. - Not having the correct food plate set-up and not eating the correct diet for your body. Plus many more... And here's the honest truth: The difference between those that succeed and those who fail is that those who succeed have accountability and a second pair of eyes to be objective about their diet and lifestyle. We go through the checklist of avoiding the hunger gremlins front to back in our FIT Mumma Method. Interested in discovering what is causing your hunger woes? When you're ready to feel confident, more energised and healthy again, take the first step by clicking below: Click here and book your free transformation session call with me. And if we feel you'd be a good fit our our Confident Gals community we'll offer you a place. :) Talk soon, Rich P.S. When you are ready to take action, here are a few ways we can help you: 1) Our free motivational Facebook group helping women all over the world to a sexy figure: https://www.facebook.com/groups/confidentandsexyfigure 2) A free training to show you how to drop 14 - 28 lbs and sustain it: https://www.confidentbodybreakthrough.com/casestudy 3) Follow The Confident Body Breakthrough Podcast: https://tinyurl.com/confident-body-breakthrough