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6 Tips To Get You Through The Corona Quarantine I The Confident Body Breakthrough Podcast #009

Most of us in the world right now are stuck in our houses and have seen an unprecedented change to our daily routines that nobody could of ever expected in our lifetime. Right now:

- Instead of being able to go out with the kids for a lunchtime stroll and sandwich, it's endless iPad and maybe even a kick about in the garden.

- Instead of driving in to work and finding out the latest office gossip we are now confined to a make-shift dinner table laptop setup.

- Before, we were able to meet our friends at the local coffee shop for an Americano and slice of carrot cake, whereas now it's Nescafe and store-bought basic flapjack.

It's no surprising that we are now having to adapt to a brand-new and unprecedented situation and it's never been more important to make the most of what we DO have, as best we can, otherwise we're going to fall in to some very unhealthy habits very quickly.

And the truth is this: either you're going to thrive in this situation and come out the other end with a new-found love for your health and well-being, or you're going to capitulate as too many things affect your mood, your concentration, and your dreams of feeling 10 years younger again.

I've already heard a lot women over social media saying that they are no longer able to stick their extremely hard-ruled dieting methods. And are now throwing out their low-carb approaches as fast as quickly as they jumped into them - chomping away at pasta like there's no tomorrow.

Not only that, 'syns' are now becoming the main entree throughout the day, at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

You have to ask yourself the honest question, and you must be absolutely truthful with how you answer it:

Is the current climate, right now, going to mean you fall-off the wagon and give up your dreams for the next 3/6/9/12+ months, or, are you going to turn up everyday and face the challenge head-on, just like a toddler, who keeps falling down and getting back up, but feeling better and more determined to stay upright the next time?

Now hopefully with you reading the content we consistently put out into the world, you are going to go with answer number two.

If so, then well done, you can move on to part two of today's message - how to ensure you can stick to your diet when you're surrounded by chocolate and sugar 24/7.

Right now, the most import ant thing to remember is that you still have tools to help you with your goals.

- You can still walk or jog outside (right now anyway!)

- You can still head to the hops to pick up food

- Every PT and his dog has created a new home workout plan (| have as well FYI)

So here are a few quick tips to help you see out the storm and keep you from heading backwards with your weight:

- Create a routine for yourself and stick with it religiously. Have a wake up time. Have a bed time. Have a set number of meals per day. Have your exercise scheduled in for certain times during your week and commit to it.

- If you want help keeping your food intake moderated, I'd recommend stripping back the amount of time you can eat your meals. So rather than having any food before 9:00 am - skip it ahead to past 12:00 pm. That way, you reduce the chances of over-eating and stops you from over indulging on too many meals.

- Go for a brief walk (if you can) everyday.

- Fill your time with projects you have yet to begin. Read that book you put down after the first 5 pages. Paint those walls in your bedroom. Take up that online Spanish speaking course. Now is the perfect time to commit to these things.

- Either remove your number one trigger food from the house, or find a lower calorie alternative. Crisps in my household are GONE, otherwise I'd eat an entire jumbo pack of Walkers crisps in 3 minutes. And if I DO have crisps, they're going to be less a lighter calorie option.

- Create accountability with a few of your friends. Check-in with each other every day, or every week and make sure you have your goals set before you commit.

We have our own accountability and motivation group, right now over at Facebook. Loads of awesome women are getting insights with leading experts. Free trainings, meal plans, exercise tips, and accountability support.

If you want FREE access to this group - head to this link and drop your info in the questions.

Otherwise, I hope you stay sane and I hope you look after yourself as best you can right now.

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