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Why You Get Bored Of Eating The Same Foods I The Confident Body Breakthrough Podcast #007

The other week a lady messaged me with a problem she has been facing with her diet:

"My issue is I really like food and I very quickly get bored of eating the same foods over and over again, especially if the food I am eating is bland."

This is a very common issue I see with women who are dieting. Finding fun in the food we eat.

And the way I tackle this with my own clients is in two distinct forms: the surface level fix which eradicates boring meals, and the deeper more meaningful approach behind why we seek to find interest in bran new meal choices.

So if we start with the surface level issue - it's because, well yes, your food is completely and utterly boring / unsatisfying.

And nothing derails a diet quicker than a dry salad for lunch.


If you told me that I had to bin off anything that is remotely enjoyable I'd tell you to jog on.

Eating flavourless chicken with spinach and rice is not sustainable. All this does is tempt you to the tasty treats at the local Tesco store.

And we all know which foods you're going to binge on anyway.

HINT: it's not going to be oranges and celery sticks.

Trust me - having made some extremely dull meals over the years, I would always push my tupperware to the side and make a trip to the canteen or local shop to grab a highly fattening meal, and actually end up GAINING fat on a diet.

Your goal then, is to have some form of variety in your diet. And most of the time it's because you're bored of the same lunches and dinner.

Most people are pretty good at having the same thing for breakfast every morning, but once lunchtime rolls around it's usually a different story.

Which is why we have a full recipe guide at the website if you're looking for inspiration.

Therefore you should look to be in a place where your diet is basically a conveyor belt of meals and is automated to the following:

- You have the same 20-30 foods in your weekly shop (or you can at least rotate fruits and veg every now and again.)

- You have the same go-to breakfast which takes you less than 5 mins to prepare.

- About 2-3 lunches to rotate in-and-out so it's not the same thing over and over.

- Look to make a new recipe every week - usually at dinner time which means you can get your partner involved if you want to.

This is what out clients are doing and is serving them well on their journey to a sexy figure.

So this sorts the bland food problem - but what about getting bored of eating the same foods over and over?

Here's the thing - you're trying to find excitement in food.

And the problem with this is that you're forcing an issue that is never going to go away, especially if you're not content with a lot of the things in your life.

Now don't get me wrong. Trying and testing different recipes is a lot of fun. Eating a variety of different foods is awesome.

But food is always going to be there whether you want it to be or not. And if you're trying to find new excitement 2-3 times per day in the meals you're eating then you're going to demoralise yourself and feel tired chasing a new high all of the time.

It's like always going on first dates and never making it past the first kiss. Chasing a high over and over of something new but never actually moving forward with your life.

Now this searching for fun in your food manifests itself in a lot of ways. But one of those ways is most likely because... you're bored.

Whether it's your mundane day-to-day job or a general lack of interesting hobbies - searching for an external solution to your food highs is not the solution.

As all you'll end up doing is eating waaaaaay too much or spending a tonne of cash on eating out or buying a laundry list of ingredients.

You can't always have this high. It's just unsustainable.

At the end of the day - food's first priority is to keep you alive and help nourish your body. Anything else is just a bonus.

And with the world in the situation in it's in right now - we should all be thankful that we have access to food when so many people can't even get a basic meal in their bellies.

Be grateful and content with your meals. Even if they are basic bitch.