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Why You NEED To Avoid The 9-5 Diet

If you want to see weight loss results, don't have cheat days.

The SECRET to weight loss success (not really but kind of) is that a diet is won or lost through your consistency to not overshoot calories on the weekends.

It's not the single chocolate bar you had on Wednesday.

Or the fact that you had to miss a session at the gym.

And it’s most certainly not because you have a sugar addiction (an excuse I hear many women cling on to.)

It's the CALORIE SURPLUS you fall into every Friday evening, plus the weekend.

Let me explain…

Weight loss is an equation of energy, i.e. you want to have LESS people entering the revolving doors and staying in Debenhams and you want MORE people leaving (probably not what Debenhams want but you get the point.)

Eating less for 4 1/2 days from Monday to Friday afternoon and then having a Black Friday sale on Saturday and Sunday where droves of people flock in to grab everything they can find is a net loss for your weight loss.

It makes you Bear Grylls from Monday to Friday and Henry VIII from Saturday to Sunday.

But instead you're beheading your own results.

And it's this 2-day pizza and gin fest that's causing you to haemorrhage wasted time and money EVERY WEEK whilst the success stories are following a more flexible approach of allowing themselves a moderate piece of enjoyment any day they want it.

Sure it gives you a way to de-stress from the week but WHEN are you going to start to see results?

Maybe Jan 24th 2020, in 3 months time? Maybe when the stars align and the full moon is out and there's no longer any stress or busy periods...

HINT: there's always going to be stress and busy periods in life.

So what is the SUCCESS FORMULA for Mum's wanting to hit their goal weight or dress size?

It's very simple...

That simple you might even claim I'm a liar...

But having worked with women of all shapes and sizes over the last 12 months I've churned out and fine-tuned the formula for a sustainable approach to weight loss.

And here it is...

1) Figure out your maintenance calories and create a small calorie deficit

2) Create a less-is-more training programme that focuses on weights and cardio that

doesn't leave you MORE stressed.

3) Refine it as your weight drops and your metabolism changes.

Take note of that final step.

REFINE as your weight DROPS and metabolism CHANGES.

Weight loss is a non-linear process.

So when you hit a plateau: (slightly) up the cardio or (slightly) reduce the calories.

All you have to do is be methodical about this and the weight will fly off.

Oh, and be patient with it.

Simples right?

So just a reminder...

Women blow their diets in 2-days because they allow themselves to over-indulge. Don't do this and instead, follow steps 1 - 3.

Now go and win at weight loss. 🤩