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3 Simple Tips On How To Survive The Socialite Life & Still Lose Weight

Should you go out and risk blowing your diet on a risky Chinese? Or play it safe and stick to last night’s casserole?

The dieters dilemma.

If you don’t go out you might be limiting your experiences and freedom to try new things. Especially if that new restaurant around the corner just opened up but you don’t want to mess up your 35 day My Fitness Pal streak.

You could be missing out on life and forgo your chance to socialise and meet up with your squad which is just as a bad as the numbers nerd who anally tracks macros to the nearest gram of carbohydrate.

If you remove the fun out of dieting and the experimentation of different foods and recipes it’s going to be an uphill struggle. Plus there’s this link between health and the ‘social’ aspect of life, so cutting off all social events is a big no-no.

Unless you are planning to eat out 4-7 times per week I would avoid this narrow way of thinking about long term dieting success. Go enjoy yourself.

Now that the first scenario has been answered, let’s look at the trickier second option; navigating the actual practice of eating out.

If you’re an advocate of tracking calories and keeping things toiiiiiight on a diet, then you’ll no doubt know that a lot of restaurants don’t tell you the amount of calories and macros per meal.

Which can often be demotivating in itself as you think to yourself “ahh screw it, I’ll just have a cheat meal tonight,” as you precede to demolish your progress bred roll by bread roll.

So here are the best tips you can use when eating out.

1. You can always control quantity

Don’t go for a starter, don’t choose a dessert. Drink water or a diet drink, or just have the one glass of your favourite tipple. It’s really that simple.

2. Remember the optimal portion control

This tip is pretty-much compulsory for buffets and all-you-can-eats. Picture a plate in your mind and draw a big red line down the centre. 50% of that plate is now filled with vegetables. Take the other side of the plate and draw a smaller red line to cut it in half. Now you have 25% for your protein (steak, chicken breast, fillet etc) and the other 25% to play around with (which typically ends up being the carbs and fats.)

If you are unsure and don’t have confidence in your own eyeballing skills, always over-estimate and play on the side of caution. But avoid just having the plain chicken and steam veg whatever do you or you’re really defeating the purpose of dining out!

3. Find the closest thing on your food tracking database

Now if you do want to track because you are a disciplined dieting ninja warrior then eyeball the meal and make your best guess from the options you have available.

The more clued up on macros and calories the better. But you can still make a pretty educated guess and probably know that a pub roast dinner is not going to be under 500 calories and probably closer to 1,000 calories.

Enjoying food out without the panic of destroying your months of progress is an important mindset to instil in yourself.

Even if you do go over, one day is not one year. One calorific meal out of 25 is chumps change and I’d be very impressed if you managed to even gain weight.

Unless of course you ate 5 pizzas. Then yes, you’ve had a bad night.