• richangelfitness

Having Freedom On Your Diet

Does the word ‘diet’ spark up an uncomfortable feeling in your gut?

Because for a lot of people; it does.

The painful route someone has to go through on the path to a healthier weight, a more confident self, or even just a curvy physique for the holiday pics.

Whatever your reason; dieting is universally seen as a negative and restrictive slog with the outcome of (hopefully) a better body and mind.

Energy goes where attention flows. And if the word ‘diet’ illicits a feeling of boredom and struggle in you, then the journey has already been made harder before it even began.

Diet = a painful journey. But actually it doesn’t have to be.

I think that one of the best paradigm shifts you can ever have as a dieter is the freedom to choose any foods you want and still get results along the way. It’s motivating beyond all comprehnsion and anchors you to the reality that you don’t necessarily have to be ‘on the plan’ or eat ‘clean foods’ to get results.

Which is possibly the most liberating feeling of all; there are no foods off-limit.


You ate a piece of cake and remained under calories? Go about your day.

Went out for drinks with friends, but made sure to strip back your carbohydrate and fat content? Dance the night away.

Having the mindset to know nothing is off-limits as long as dosage is controlled for will radically change everything for you.

Knowing this will be the first step in your journey to a more fulfilling and sustainable relationship with food. Which is all anyone ever really wants.