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1 Important Strategy To Stop Falling Off The Dieting Wagon

When I first got into this whole losing fat so I can look pretty in front of the mirror and feel more energised game, the nutrition advice was very black-and-white.

Eat single ingredient foods like chicken, broccoli, oats, spinach, carrots, and avoid anything processed, sugary, or fun.

What I would find time and again is that if I ever wanted something off the menu or 'dirty' I would be overwhelmed with a sense of guilt for even wanting something naughty.

But I noticed that even when I did ‘cheat’ I was still losing body fat…?

So the reality of dieting sunk in pretty quickly for me.

I don’t actually always need to stick to a rigid diet. I can kind-of do what I want within reason.

Which leads me nicely on to my number one tip if you feel your diet is...well...boring and bland.

Stop Beating Yourself Up For Having A Treat.

The reason that 99% of diets fail is because there is no long term plan for sustaining a lower body fat percentage.

If you believe that by eating a cupcake you're automatically now a failure you'll never be able to enjoy your relationship with food.

Unless of course you're a meditating monk living in the mountain ranges of Eastern Asia. Then yes, shame on you for eating a Haribo.

And this why most diets ultimately fail the person, even if they worked initially.

You might follow a very successful in-the-moment dieting protocol like keto, IF or a slimming club variant and make some massive progress… but if you don’t change your relationship with food and appreciate that there’s going to be times you go ‘off the plan’ you’ll lose all of the hard work you put in from the start.

In fact, if you always allow yourself the ability to enjoy your favourite ice cream or chocolate bar (within reason and outside of a trigger food that could cause you an eating disorder) you’ll never even be allowed to go off-plan ever again.

If 80% of your foods over the course of a week are single-ingredient and nutrient dense, then congratulations you’ve won.

So it shouldn't be an issue if you decide you want to check out the newly opened Italian restaurant.

Go for it. Be a human.

Aim to be consistently good rather than inconsistently perfect and don’t beat yourself up for wanting something tasty.

So when the summer holidays roll around and you’re concerned about the upcoming barbecue because you would quite like a couple of burgers with a cold glass of wine, don’t berate yourself.