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1 Important Reason Why Your Diet & Training Will Always Change

This is what you can expect from working with me...

You won’t get a diet plan with x amount of meals and x amount of calories sent to you via email.

The training plan I write for you will probably be altered in 6-8 weeks time.

Your carb intake will change. Then it will probably change again.

The 4x per week upper/lower plan we initially had you on is no longer sustainable, so we decide to go with a 3x full body approach.

And there’s a reason why I’m not selling diet plans or 6 week ab workouts.

Because your training and nutrition is an ever evolving process. Life is not simple and plain-sailing as some of us want it to be.

It’s messy and unpredictable.

Non-linear and ever-evolving.

In the last year alone, I myself, have undergone different dieting approaches as I adapted to my erratic and sporadic calender.

I’ve done Intermittent fasting because I just wasn’t feeling hungry in the morning and wanted to save a big batch of calories for the evening.

Next, I trialled a low-carb protocol because I wanted to test out how my energy levels changed when I was training in the gym and out running on the road (spoiler alert it sucked so I binned it pretty quickly!)

Now, I’m adhering to a high-carb approach and I’m feeling pretty good.

But what about training?

The exact same thing.

You’re bound to change things at a certain point. Whether it’s because you’re not progressing, or you can no longer keep up with heavy volume demand. You’re injured, or you’re just not feeling a particular training routine.

The number one rule for weight loss is consistency and adherence. So to keep clients from plateauing or becoming inconsistent we change things.

We adapt and flow like water as life throws us lemons and hefty car repair payments.

Which is why plan A might work for one lady but be completely miserable for another.

Yes, Sue has been on Slimming World for a year and she’s lost 3 stone. But that does not mean that you can expect the same result on the same plan.

Just like when the latest fad diet seems to be the shiny new thing and everyone’s doing it.

If you deep down, honestly won’t see yourself drinking celery smoothies for the rest of your life it is not serving you a purpose.

My message here is to remind you to be adaptable and open-minded. To be interchangeable and respond to situations in life.

So please don’t give up carbs if you love them.

Don’t do intermittent fasting if you love eating breakfast.

But DO feel free to reduce carbs if your preferences change or sack in breakfast if you no longer want to.