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Remove The ‘I Have No Time Excuse’ By Doing This

One of the greatest sticking points I hear time and again for not being able to get lean is the “I haven’t got time to prep food and go to the gym” excuse.

Whether it’s because you work a gruelling office job that has unforgiving workloads, or you’re the family man who needs to give time back to his partner and/or kids, it’s definitely a common struggle in today's modern society.

It may well be a valid point. But it doesn’t really help you get any closer to a beach lean physique. All it does is become an excuse and something you never overcome.

So let’s iron out this sticking point and win back some time in the day so you can work on yourself and your fitness goals.

First, make a decision and decide whether this is the right time for you to commit.

Sometimes it’s just not the best time.

You may have some personal family matters you need to oversee or you are struggling through bankruptcy and have 30 days to pay the bills.

Probably not the best time to commit to getting shreds for summer.

Anything else? Excuses. Completely work-around-able.

You’re going to carry out a time audit.

Yes. You are going to plot down EXACTLY what you are doing in your day.

Which is great if you want to give yourself a kick up the backside.

Plus it’s a great investment if you are serious about you results.

Starting from Monday morning up until Wednesday evening, track 3 days of your life in real time.

Either tap it into your phone, laptop, tablet, or if you’re old school use a pencil and scribble it down (which is what I do.)

It doesn’t have to be by the minute but you certainly can’t lie or the data is useless.

Here’s an example:

7:20 - wake up

7:22 – scroll through social media

7:32 – morning mobility routine

7:58 – make breakfast and eat it

8:15 – shower and head to work

8:43 – start work

Or an example of an evening:

5:55 – get in

6:10 – cook and eat dinner with family

6:40 – bath kid

7:00 – kid bedtime

7:15 – TV and Facebook

9:30 – Xbox Live

11:30 - bed

You get the idea.

After three days. Have a good hard look over your results.

Notice any obvious discretions or distractions that do not serve you a purpose?

Are you spending too much time watching Narcos on Netflix?

Is The Division 2 on Xbox worthy of 120 minutes of your time?

Is scrolling on Facebook for 1 hour and 27 minutes per day adding value to your life?

With this new set of data you’ll see all the glaring holes in efficiency and win some time back for yourself.

Which is great because you’ll now know how and when to add in a 30 minute gym session.

Or perhaps a 15 minute food prep slot.

Or a 20 minute reflective walk.

There will of course be situations that are going to go against you. This is life though and something you need to accept.

You might be single parent. But there are plenty of single parents out there who can find time to train a couple of times per week and work on their goals.

Yes you might need to travel a lot for work. But that doesn't stop finding a local gym. or doing a hotel workout. Or dropping calories throughout the week etc.

Remember that when someone says “I don’t have time,” what they are really saying is “I don’t have time for THAT.”

Don’t let this be you and break free from the time excuse trap.