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Three Strategies To Avoid Post-Work Snacking

If I was to tell you that early evening and late night snacking is destroying your success, would you want to know why?

No, it’s not because of intermittent fasting. Nor is it because eating carbs or sugar after 6:00 PM will cause fat gain.

It’s because humans crave for order. They love it.

That’s why habitual eating patterns are so easy to fall into, and can be so difficult to get out of.

I knew this all too well about 2 years ago.

I’d somehow scrape through the day avoiding all office treats and biscuit runs.

All to get home, shut the door, stand on the spot for about 2 seconds and run straight to the fridge for an epic chocolate binge.

It was completely my own fault. Because I didn’t set myself up for long-term success.

And it’s to do with these three things.

1) You’re eating poverty calories throughout the day

This is a common one and something I see all the time.

Your diet has no substance and you crave everything salty and sweet once work has finished.

Scraping by on 500 calories of egg whites for breakfast and chicken with spinach for 9 hours is setting you up for failure.

Instead; pimp out your meals with a bit more substance and variety and avoid stumbling into the snack cupboard before your work bag hits the floor in your hallway.

2) Your diet is too restrictive

Don’t think of a pink elephant and what’s the first thing you do?

Yeah. We go straight to the thing we are not allowed to want or do…. Oh and come, stop thinking of that damn majestic creature right now!

Aside from trigger foods, allergies and genuine food intolerance's, remove this incessant notion of removing foods you enjoy, and instead allow them to fit nice and neatly into your daily calorie intake.

Creating an environment of inclusive as opposed to exclusive will really change the way you think about food.

3) You can’t put into practice trade-offs

Do you feel defeated if you go off diet for eating say, a single piece of shortbread?

“Oh forget it, I’ll start again on Monday.”

Even though it’s Wednesday.

So what if you eat a cookie? Go for an extra cardio session the following day.

So what if you made a quick diversion to Tesco Express and purchased a pack of Twirl Bites? Remove a portion of your carbs from your dinner.

Who cares if you sit down to watch Game Of Thrones with a giant bowl of Ben & Jerry's? Why not just eat light for breakfast on the upcoming weekend?

By thinking of your food intake over a larger time frame of say a week, will allow greater context for your mind and a much more successful diet.