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How To Eat A Snickers Bar & Still Drop Body Fat

If you had to be brutally honest, would you say that one of the toughest parts of your day is fighting the urge to gobble down a ‘naughty treat’?

An internal battle of will-power and determination to stay ‘clean’ and on track with your diet?

The hopes of getting all the way to 9:30 PM on a Monday evening with a diet of chicken, broccoli, rice, oats and spinach.

The amount of times I’ve heard (or read) on social media: “How do I get rid of hunger cravings when only eating one meal per day?”

“I made it all the way through work today on salad and carrots but now I’m really craving something sweet!”

What usually follows is the complete collapse of the diet and a binge of epic proportions even Henry VIII would be proud of:

“I couldn’t make it to 6:00 PM so I ate 2 giants bowls of Coco Pops and a Yorkie. I’m so mad with myself!”

“I caved when it got to lunch time at work. The vending machine has not been my friend today...”

This is not knocking ‘clean eating’ or ‘IF.’ If it works for you, great.

But for a lot of people, the premise of skipping a meal or only eating ‘good’ foods is just unrealistic and what tends to happen is the dieter becomes annoyed that other people have the will power, that they throw in the towel and lose a foot hold on their health.

But the treat you so desire could actually be the very thing you need in order to sustain your diet.

Sound pretty ironic right? Eat something high in calories to help with your diet and fat loss goals. How does that work?

Listen up and I’ll context you out of this world!

1) It Might Actually Benefit Your Adherence

Rule number 1 of dieting is to be consistent and able to adhere to your diet. This means that if you are currently on an unsustainable trajectory with your current diet then it’s going to cause you to overeat, in one way or another.

From different dieting approaches like intermittent fasting where you are no longer allowed to eat at a certain time of day (or in some extreme cases you are only allowed ONE MEAL per day, the OMAD approach which was highlighted above.)

To exclusive diets that remove certain foods because they are seen as ‘bad for you.’ Namely sugary, hedonic foods like chocolate bars and sweets.

So instead, try this.

Allow yourself to enjoy the chocolate bar. Not 5 chocolate bars. Not an entire family sized bar. A single chocolate bar.

Or if you really want to keep things air-tight because you have strict a calorie target go for a yoghurt or protein bar whichever you prefer and whichever option suits you.

You could even trade milk chocolate for dark chocolate and enjoy some health benefits. Win win or what!

Let’s be honest. Most chocolate bars have around 200 – 250 calories. Even a female who is dieting on around 1,400 calories per day would still be able to fit in a chocolate bar if we are following the 80 – 20 principle of 80% single ingredient nutrient dense foods, and 20% everything else.

The result? An inclusive and enjoyable dieting experience which leaves you feeling optimistic for the future.

Because you were flexible you didn’t have to fight with willpower.

Because you gave yourself a small percentage of the day to YOURSELF, you stuck to your calorie quota and didn’t end up binging.

You do this over 10, 20, 50 days.

You have achieved the principle of consistency and successfully lose weight.

This follows nicely on to point number two...

2) It Might Not Be As Unhealthy As You Think

One of the immediate rebuttals of a flexible dieting approach is notion that sugar is bad for you, processed food is junk etc.

So let’s agree on this.

Spinach is better for you than a Twirl.

Carrots are more fibrous than a Kit Kat.

Sprouts are jam packed with more vitamins and minerals than a Daim Bar.Brussels

All true.

But is consuming a solitary chocolate bar / treat of your choosing worse than being overweight or obese?

Probably not.

I would rather you enjoy foods that give you some enjoyment in moderation than having to struggle with the internal battle of not eating something, with the inevitable result of going overboard in some other way.

Of course you need to identify trigger foods that you would consider addictive. Foods that you are unable to control your intake.

This is the same for treats that drop your mood and focus. Save these foods for the evening (they even help you to drop off to sleep!)

Mine is popcorn. Take me to an Odeon and I’ll scoff an entire bag of Butterkiss toffee popcorn in 5 minutes. Hello 800 calories.

So when I’m dieting they are gone.

But I know that I can enjoy a chocolate bar here or a pack of crisps there and keep to the 80 / 20 principle.

I don’t have to fight temptation because I know I can enjoy some treats at some point in the day.

As a result, I stay healthy because I don’t find the need to binge (most of the time, we’re all human after all) and can enjoy a diet abundant in healthy stuff.

Remember it is infinitely better to be consistently good than inconsistently perfect.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Comment below!

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