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How Video Gaming Helped Me To A Strong & Lean Physique

There are millions of people in the world who enjoy playing video games, as much as I do, but on the odd occasion. It’s fun to sit down and load up an RPG, a first person shooter, or perhaps chill out (if you can!) to a game of Fifa with your mates.

However many health advocates see video gaming as a negative influence or a waste of time and energy should be spent else where.

It’s true that there is an unhealthy balance of people sitting down more than they are getting up and going outside. No one should be contempt with being sedentary for the majority of their life because it’s unhealthy for a number of reasons.

But video games have a really powerful message.

Do you know what it is?

Level 1 to Level 100 Mindset

Most video games have you starting out as a chump. Crap weapons. Awful stats. No clue on what to do and how to progress in the quickest way possible.

Once you overcome this lack of, you slowly get your bearings and get things underway.

You push on some more.

You grind out some tough opponents.

And you finally get to level 2.

You do this over and over. You get to level 10, 20, 50, all the way to the level you feel at your best and are able to conquer the remainder of the game.

You now have better weapons. You have a more skilled character or squad of players.

Level 1 feels like a lifetime ago.

You are incredibly happy with your progress and look back on the journey so far.

You congratulate yourself for sticking it out because you faced some tough opponents at the halfway point and nearly gave up.

You go on to complete the game as there is much jubilation.

So what does this all mean? What am I gong on about? Why the short story?

Because it’s the levelling up process that defines our training, our dieting and our willingness to make change… let me explain.

When you start on your health and fitness journey or you have picked it up after a long break you begin with some pretty poor stats.

You might be overweight, weak AF, or struggling with inner belief.

But you push through and level you level up.

You feel healthier because in 4 weeks you've dropped 4 pounds and you are losing weight.

You feel more confident because you’ve increased your bench press from 60 kg to 80 kg and you are getting stronger.

You feel accomplished because you had to overcome adversity when you momentarily went off the beaten path due to a calorific stag weekend.

Like the video game you sat down to play, your OWN LIFE has levelled up by 10, 20 50 because you are a healthier, fitter, more confident human being.

So when someone says to you that you have better things to do than play a video game, you can tell them that they brought more to your life than a pointless out-of-context statement such as the one just mentioned.

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