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What To Actually Focus On To Get Results In 2019

Want to know what’s been misleading you for the longest and what to ACTUALLY focus on this year?

After looking back at 2018 here’s what I think you should be focusing on in 2019 within the information-overload era of the health and fitness industry.

📌1) Diet Protocols That Will Work Long-Term

There is no one-size-fits-all diet for the human race. We all have different lifestyles, different preferences and different values.

To give a blanket diet for a collection of individuals without understanding their triggers and foibles, but sill telling them to skip breakfast, only eat protein and fats, or avoid food A, Y and Z overlooks a key component of long term-sustainable dieting… long-term sustainability!

Find the diet that is inclusive of your moderate-level treats that works within your own schedule.

📌2) Being Careful Who You Take Advice From

I’m not going to lie. There are a lot of deceitful people in the health and fitness space who are manipulating what is actually achievable and are only in it for a quick buck. Avoid these people at all costs!

Instead look for people and education platforms that are objective and speak your language. Value cannot be faked and remarkable coaching services will sell themselves regardless.

📌 3) You Cannot Quick-Fix Weight Loss / Fat Loss / Getting Lean

We all know this but yet we still still choose to deny reality to our own demise. It takes hard work, consistency and a daily reminder of why you even want it.

OR do you really think you can keep drinking those teas/shakes or taking those fat-loss pills for the rest of your life?

📌 4) Keep Your Training Simple

If you have a quick scroll through a typical fitness hashtag on social media, you’ll see about 1,000 different exercises and variations of the movements you should be doing.

Unfortunately, most people will then suffer from paralysis by analysis because their are so many varitions of a simple exercise.

Take the lat-pulldown. A fairly simple movement that works your back/lats. But now instead of a lat pull-down it’s now a uni-lateral pull-down, into a tricep extension, into a conventional pull-down back to a tricep-extension, whilst balancing on a Bosu-ball.

When did training ever get so damn complicated? It’s pretty simple; pick a movement that will target said muscle and get better at it.

Otherwise we’re turning simple gym work into a complex circuit class.

📌 5) Focus On Improving Your Crappy Lifestyle

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions what I think of this sleeping aid, or this substitute health shake for breakfast.

While I’m more than happy to use band-aids as a short-term fix, it’s never going to solve the bigger problem, which is with your crappy lifestyle and the choices you are making.

Listen to your body and figure out; why you are sleepy at 2:30 pm, why you are unmotivated to train after work, and why you never stick out a diet (hint, go back and revisit number 1!)

So there you have it. What to focus, and what not to focus on. See this is a guiding light for your 2019 success story!

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