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5 Crucial Principles You Must Follow

With this blog, and you as the reader, I feel it is my responsibility to educate you as best as I can on how to become your best self. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to lay down the 5 laws to get you what you have always wanted. A super-savage strong and lean physique.

Follow the below and you’ll be one step closer to your goals.

1) Don’t Expect To Be Jacked & Ripped Once You Lean Up

If you are reading this, then the likelihood is that you are a beginner to this whole getting strong and

lean process. Which is okay, because I’m here to guide you through it.

What you need to realise is that building 18 inch arms and a frightening chest takes time and patience. Plus consistency. You can’t do it all overnight. It’s not possible.

The beautiful thing is that as a beginner, you absolutely CAN build muscle AND lose body fat at the same time. Which is kind of cool.

So you’ll get leaner (awesome) which means you’ll look a lot more beach ready (even more awesome) and no longer feel as embarrassed about the way you look (we have a winner.)

Not only that, you’ll have begun the process of muscle building, and carry over all your hard earned ‘newbie gains’ when you eventually decide to pack on some muscle to your frame, which could be 12 weeks, 16 weeks, or 24 weeks down the line depending on how much fat you will need to lose.

2) Get BETTER. Lift MORE.

If you are part of the members area at the Strong & Lean Academy, you’ll know that we chirp on and on about the importance of progression with your training. And it’s definitely a big pit-fall I see A LOT of trainees fall into.

NOT tracking anything you do over the course of a training cycle.

Without going into too much detail as it’ll probably need a post of it’s own, continue to change your workouts and you’ll never actually get GOOD at anything, and have no way of knowing if you are getting better ( cough circuit classes cough cough!)

If you want to lose weight, you weigh yourself. If you want before and after photos, you take a picture.

So why aren’t you writing down the weights you have used? Fall back to this post here to recall how to effectively programme your sessions. Otherwise run the risk of plateauing.

3) Stop Focusing On The Minors

If you aren’t sure whether start with HIIT or LISS cardio – YOU JUST NEED TO START DOING CARDIO.

If can’t decide if you should take your Vitamin D3 supplement before or after your morning coffee and toilet trip, but you are 20 kgs overweight – YOU NEED TO JUST TAKE THE DAMN THING AND GET YOUR CALORIES IN CHECK.

Okay, I’ll stop using my big-boy voice for just a second.

But seriously, you should always concern yourself with getting the fundamentals correct. Which for you will be a) energy balance via calories, b) getting stronger in the gym, c) sleeping well, d) keeping stress levels under control, e) following me on Instag… AHEM e) drinking enough water, preferably 2 litres on non-training days and 3 litres on training days.

Worry about the base of the pyramid before you start worrying about the tip. Adherence and consistency are key. The minor details like supplement use and nutrient timing will come later.

4) Do Some Form Of Cardio

Whilst we want to ensure that an intelligent resistance training programme is being adhere to, you also want to jump on the cardio train. As 95% of this is going to be for your health.

We want to keep your brain, heart, lungs and digestive system in tip-top condition to keep your body as healthy as possible.

2-3 runs per week is a great start. Slowly add in extra sessions if you enjoy it and have the time to do so. Any extra can be used as a very small energy expenditure to your overall daily metabolic rate.

Because let’s face it - no one wants to get tired walking up a flight of stairs.

5) Learn The BIG THREE

When you enter the Strong & Lean academy Members Area, you learn all about why this is so important for your overall long term progression.

The squat, bench press and deadlift should be the fundamentals of our training with everything else built around it. It’s just so painful to watch a bro enter the gym and head straight for the E-Z bar when you quite clearly see their biceps need no extra work, and their legs are as thick as a bean-pole.

And boy, it sure is a tough one to stop someone from focusing on doing too many bicep curls to figuring out how to safely and correctly bench press.

If you are unsure how to do these movements then that’s fine. Do them at the end of your training session and use a light load to perfect form and technique.

Concentrate on a single cue and nail it. I wrote more about this here.

If you don’t currently have the mobility or flexibility to do them, then a variation is totally fine for now as you begin to fix the problem, e.g. tight ankles when squatting, or a weak back when deadlifting. The leg press and RDL are good alternatives for now.

The big three will build you the most muscle, get you the strongest. All in the shortest possible time. If performed correctly they will 10x results faster than any other training modality. So figure them out!

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