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Get Ahead Of The Competition With Creatine

If I could recommend one thing that will boost your performance in the gym. Make you feel stronger. Make you look more aesthetically pleasing. All for mere pennies – would you listen carefully?

I imagine so, because for once the supplement industry actually delivers!

Today I want discuss the 5% that will likely be the tip of the iceberg for improving your training performance. It's called Creatine - a supplement we recommend to most guys once they have their basics nailed down.

Sleep, stress, fruits, vegetables and hydration, your own belief in yourself. The usual laundry list.

I’ve talked about it here but want to expand on the topic because it could probably help a lot of you out for a very small investment. We all want to get stronger. We all want to look bigger. Creatine could be the difference.

Before we get into it, I want to back up these claims by saying that Creatine has been studied over 700 times in different research papers and is shown to be completely safe and effective for recreational use. It’s not a steroid or performance enhancing drug. It’s simply a means to drive up your lifting numbers, and ultimately drive up your confidence when you look at a sexier physique.

What is it?

Creatine is necessary for assisting with higher intensity activities that typically last around the 10 second mark. If you don’t know about energy systems then let me quickly explain.

As your body trains, it will tap into different energy systems depending on duration and intensity. You may have heard the term anaerobic and aerobic.

Shorter, higher intensity exercise does not require oxygen to fuel performance. Whilst aerobic exercise at longer and more steady intensity levels WILL require oxygen. We are concerned about the anaerobic system today.

Within the parameters of anaerobic exercise you will utilise the ATP system, ATP-PC system, and Glycolytic energy system.

ATP (our bodies energy currency) lasts about 4 seconds and is pretty inefficient at keeping us going, which is where the ATP-PC (Phosphocreatine) system helps in that it lasts anywhere from 6-10 seconds, as it resynthesises ATP via phosphocreatine stores.

After this period we tap into the Glycolytic energy system but this goes beyond the scope of today's topics so we’ll leave it there.

By supplementing with creatine, you increase your muscular stores of creatine phosphate, which helps you resynthesise ATP; our bodies energy currency. You are able to recover quicker, improve training performance, and make some sick strength gains.

In other words it can help give you a few extra reps at the end of set or a little boost when you are sprinting.

This is important because we want to get stronger, and by doing more total volume in the form of more total reps, we can increase the weight on the bar and achieve our goal of total epic winning via strength.

This is a no brainer for a trainee who has nailed diet and lifestyle, but just wants to have an extra boost with their training.

Which is the best one?

There are a multitude of different forms on the market. So which one is best?

The one we recommend at the Strong & Lean Academy is Creatine Monohydrate because a lot of other forms have been changed or manipulated with other products, such as carbohydrates in order for supplement companies to charge a lot more money.

Add extra goodies and you can ramp up the price!

However, and this is the real kicker; some forms of modified Creatine have even shown to be WORSE when compared with good ol' regular monohydrate, and doesn't actually improve performance in comparison.[1] Stick with monohydrate and save more monies to spend on supplements that DO have well researched evidence to support their benefits.

How to take

Here’s a fun fact - you can technically get creatine from your diet. BUT, you’d need to consume about 1 kilogram of meat to get 1 gram of creatine.

And we need roughly 3-5 grams per day for an effective dose. So that means you’d need to eat between 3 – 5 kilograms of meat per day.

As much as I love meat, I prefer actually being alive!

There’s no better way to guarantee 3-5 grams then by supplementing with it. 3-5 grams daily is the RDA to keep your ‘gauge full’ and your saturation levels at peak levels.

One more thing to note is that it will take about 2-4 weeks to fully saturate your muscles stores. To counteract this problem there has been a process known as the ‘loading’ phase you can follow in which you can take 20 grams per day for 6 days in order to get around this. You COULD do this...

However this will only be beneficial for about a week or two because you may forget to resupply when stores run out as opposed to daily habitual supplementation.

So it’s not worth doing it this way. You waste a lot more creatine this way for literally no extra benefit and you may even forget to re-load on it down the line.

Time to kick your training to the next level!

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1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3080578/

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