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How To 10x Your Own Results By Saving Your Loved Ones Lives

There are many things in life that makes me question humanities current direction. Things that make me do a double-take to make sure what I heard or what I saw was correct.

But there’s one thing that really stops me in my track with a wide open jaw - people accepting that they are seriously unhealthy, and overweight...and doing NOTHING About it.

What’s even worse are some of the excuses that come out of their mouths. Some are shockingly hilarious, while others are downright pathetic:

  • I haven’t got the time to go to the gym

  • I haven’t got time to prepare my food

  • I don’t have £20.00 spare to join my local gym

  • Healthy food costs too much

  • My partner will laugh at me if I get leaner and stronger (yup!)

  • I want results for the least amount of effort

If this is you, this could the greatest intervention you’ve ever had. If this is not you and you are currently strong and lean, healthy and feel good in yourself then a) well done and b) is it in your best interest to help those around you who tolerate sub-par health?

In answer to the above, you are statistically likely to know someone in the above category because our current obesity epidemic. Even if they are not obese, it’s likely you know someone who is at least very overweight, or on their way to the obese category on the BMI Scale.

As of writing, I think the average person is now overweight and lives a detrimental lifestyle.

What’s more worrying is that people living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle is becoming the exception to the rule.

Walk down the street eating a cucumber and you’ll get funnier looks than someone who walks down the street eating a Kit Kat.

And ultimately, if you are surrounded by average and mediocre, your own results could be affected because you are being dragged down!

It’s much easier to succeed with positive influences on the same journey as you, then it is to grit your teeth and let your partner scoff down on pizzas whilst you are scoffing down your tuna salad.

So let's find out way to save your loved ones lives, even if the title is hyperbolic!

The Big Problem With Change

The reason I do this strong and lean stuff is to change a persons perception of themselves and to empower them to positive change. I push the boundaries sometimes and try to help those that I know for a fact, will add years to their life if they followed our coaching systems here at he Strong & Lean Academy.

What I often forget (and this is my fault to be honest) is you can’t change someone unless they actually want to change themselves, deep down. In fact, you’ll probably end up doing the opposite and find your best mate digging their heels in as their ego takes over from all notion of logic.

Regardless, nagging someone to change is not a successful strategy and will make things worse (been there, done that.) So what can you do?

1) They already know they are making bad choices, so understand it’s their life

You don’t have to reinforce to someone that they are making bad choices. They likely already they are anyway.

And this option really sucks because as a coach I want to help exactly 5,122,987 people achieve their goal.

But IT IS their life. It’s their choice. Even if it is a stupid-ass one.

So change HAS to come from within (and we’ll get into how we can help people take a step in the right direction in just a moment.)

All long-term sustainable change comes from autonomy. Any extrinsic factors will always fall short eventually. So once they finally decide to change – that’s the time to strike!

2) Lead by example

Very simple, but VERY effective. Start showing them your healthy lifestyle and why it is you are doing what you are doing (without being too overt about it.)

So for example, you could be cooking a meal which consists of protein, vegetables and small portion of potatoes. You can tell them why you have half a plate of veg, a fist size portion of chicken and a some spuds to make up the last part of the plate. Explain how this meal structure is helping you get stronger, leaner and more confident.

They have a look at the meal and see that it looks pretty tasty actually. They make it the next day, and there is much celebration.

Another example.

You to go the gym. You come home, or meet up with said pal and you say how you are following a decent structured training plan and have managed to consistently get stronger on the bench press for 3 consecutive weeks. Again, without being overt, get them involved and educate them on training.

By the power of osmosis; your healthy habits will be picked up your immediate circle, and this is something I have seen time and time again with clients I have successfully impacted.

3) Remind them of the longevity and financial implications

We all know that being overweight and unhealthy increases our risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and can affect our chances of morbidity. That’s a given.

What people don’t actually factor in is the time and financial costs of being ill and sick through poor lifestyle.

You think healthy food is expensive? Try missing multiple days off of work because you are unwell and losing out a big chunk of your wage.

You haven’t got time to exercise? How about the fact that you could be lowering your life expectancy by something like 10 YEARS because you can’t spare going for a few walks and couple of gym sessions per week!

Sometimes locking onto these two units of currency and painting someone a bigger picture that there life is going to last longer than their 35th birthday is a good strategy to implement.

4) Cook the evening meals

Granted, not everyone is going to have time to do this. But if you can do this at least once per week, and the other person/people are happy to do the washing up then I don’t see this being a big deal.

You’ll be in control of the variables and can stack their plate with nutrients. Try and choose meals that are ‘tasty’ and not something completely bland like chicken broccoli and rice.

You can even get them involved in the cooking if their culinary skills are something to be questioned.

Who knows? They may even cook something decent for you the following week!

5) Celebrate ANY victory

This one is important, and some positive reinforcement will go a long way.

Th is why my coaching is so successful – once you are a client, you get access to out private members area who are all there to celebrate all the wins. Even the small ones.

So if your sibling starts to eat an apple instead of a Galaxy Bar, or your pal of 10 years ditches the Coke for a Diet Coke – celebrate that ‘till they are strong and lean!

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