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Why Meal Plans Are A Waste Of Money

As an online coaching platform that makes people regain confidence, feel stronger, fitter and improve longevity, the meal plan request is something that pops up time and time again.

To which I have to politely decline.

The reason I don’t do meal plans is because they are a completely ineffective strategy for long term success with your goals.

They can also be a dangerous tool if you are not careful, especially if the person who sells them doesn’t give you a well-balanced diet.

Take the typical diet plan from your local Instagram Celeb and it will look a lot like this:

  • Breakfast – 50 grams of oats, skimmed milk, egg whites, maybe even some tomatoes if you are lucky

  • Lunch – Chicken salad with an apple

  • Mid-afternoon meal – basically meal 2 again

  • Dinner – salmon with potatoes and vegetables

Looks familiar right? (Also looks boring too!)

Eat this and you’ll end up deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals, maybe even low in fibre intake which will compromise your energy levels, health and potentially your longevity.

How about your magnesium levels?

What about your calcium deficiency?

Did you get enough iron?

That alone should be reason enough to avoid buying meal plans.

Need more reasons? Ok, you got it...

1. They suck because they have no longevity

One of the biggest reasons you fail a diet is because there is no solid long-term plan in place for you to follow.

It’s common to think that getting lean and shredded is an A-to-B process with a goal at the end you will achieve, but it's not that simple. The amount of food you eat will change depending on how long you have dieted for and how well the diet has gone so far.

That’s because your body is smarter than you. It doesn’t want you to lose fat because it’s easily stored energy and keeps you nice and warm in the winter. As you begin to lose weight, or the spare tyre, your energy demands are no longer as high as they used to be. That means you now need to adapt your food intake or you'll remain at the same weight and body composition.

If I gave you a diet plan of 2,000 – 2,100 calories, and you are now 8 weeks into a diet, that same diet plan is now irrelevant because your energy requirements have changed.

So they may well be good for a short period of time, but they are expendable after even a few weeks.

If I wanted to make a lot of money, scam you and be another one of these online ‘Instagram’ scammers then I’d happily oblige and sell you diet plans ‘till I was up to my eye-balls in requests!

2. Everyone has a different lifestyle and food preferences

If you said to me that you would be happy to eat salmon, but then decide that Thursday afternoon’s lunch of salmon with vegetables doesn’t sounds appealing – you’ll be upset or angry that I have failed to listen to your 'individual needs'.

Or what happens if you have a social event on Saturday and you have scheduled in a turkey meatball salad for lunch and homemade chicken korma for dinner? Are you just going to ignore the diet plan for that day? What about the next day if you don’t feel like sticking to the meals I have given you? What then?

Your lifestyle will be unpredictable and amount of diet planning will ever be able to prepare for this. Nutrition and dieting is grey, and certainly not black-and-white unlike a diet plan.

3. You don’t get results.

This is probably the most important point out of the lot. When you hit a road block with your results because you've followed a diet plan and you’ve made absolutely zero progress, you’ll feel let down, but also it will give my brand a bad reputation.

“Oh yeah, I tried one of Richard's diet plans… made no progress. He doesn’t know what he’s doing!”

I don’t want my brand to be synonymous with failure because 1) it's bad for business and 2) I will feel terrible because I've let you down!

4. You learn nothing about dieting

The reason I am so successful, even up against a lot of other in-person PT’s and online coaches is because I actually teach you how to make this system work for life. We go through ways to create a diet together. We talk about how to stop weekend binges. Or how to keep alcohol consumption in check when you know you have a stag-do or a weekend away with the lads.

A diet plan will teach you none of this. It will just tell you what to eat and at what time. You learn nothing and you’ll go back to the same old low self-esteem person you were before you wasted £50.00 on a pretty looking Monday to Sunday food table!

With members who sign up to the community - I will give them an ‘example diet plan’ that they can use to educate themselves on how to achieve their goals. They know what a diet should look like and make the correct decisions based on their lifestyle, tastes, desires and mood.

More food plans will not solve your woes if you don’t know how to do it for life. You need to be partly responsible for your decisions, and not simply dump your responsibilities on someone else hoping they will fix you. They won’t!

So think twice if you are sold a one-off meal plan – you are probably being conned and are wasting your money!

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