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Double Your Training Results With Two Simple Methods

Time for a practical tip you can use today to immediately help with your training performance. It's a very simple trick, but it could dramatically improve your sessions in only a short period of time.

It has to do with what you are thinking about during a given exercise.

What I want you to start doing is to think about the exercise you are doing and think about a positive mental cue that will assist you with the lift.

First; some examples of things you shouldn't be thinking:

"Am I actually doing this correctly?!"

"What's for dinner tonight?!"

"I better not drop this weight down really loudly!"

"Cats are cute!"

These are all examples of negative cues, and the last thing I want is for you to have negative cues swimming around your brain as they are are counter productive and pretty useless for your athletic mindset.

So moving forward; for every single rep you do you should be thinking about...the exercise. Go for a maximum of one or two things, and not a laundry list of things to do like the following:

"I'm squatting so I need to have the correct bar placement, wrists and elbows flat, knees out, balance over mid-foot, don't break at the hips first, brace my core, keep the bar over mid-foot, glutes, lats, quads, hamstrings..."

Think one cue. A single cue that will help you lift the weight.

Caveat - if you are certain that you are carrying an exercise incorrectly and could potentially be risking an injury; stop, lower the weight, record yourself doing the exercise on a lower weight and get someone who knows what they are talking about to review it.

I'll break this down into two types of cue.

Simple cues

These are going to be really simple and easy to remember. All you will need to do for these specific cues is remember a simple word to assist you with your exercise:








Physical cues

These are going to be more technique based and will require you to think about how certain body parts will either help you lift more weight, or help you stay safe during an exercise.

During a standing overhead press - "keep my glutes squeezed and engaged to protect my lower back."

During a bicep curl - "keep my elbow still so that I isolate my bicep."

During a leg press - "ensure my knees are over my toes throughout the entire lift."

Your cues will be personal to you, and you should focus on your weak links when deciding what to think.

For example, I currently struggle so keep my core engaged when I squat or deadlift. So I have this flowing through my mind before I descend into the squat, or before I lift the bar off the ground when I deadlift.

Take this small step today in your training and it will set you up for years of success!

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