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How To Brainwash Yourself To A Leaner and Healthier Body

It's a well known fact that for the majority of trainees, dieters, athletes and your average Joe; pretty much everyone knows how to reach their goals to some extent. But it's the actual doing that's the tough part.

One of the biggest reasons I have so much success with my online coaching has little to do with my expansive knowledge on training and nutrition. Do you know what it actually is?

I listen to the client and pretty much get them to do what they know they should do.

That's not to say that a broad spectrum of information on how to diet or what to do in the gym is completely redundant for my clients to get. But a typical call I have with a client could go like this:

Me: "So what's the problem with your current diet? What's going on?

"Well I just don't eat enough protein. I know it's important for my dieting success. I know I need to eat more. Any advice?"

Me: "Ok here's a thought. How about we have a look at each of your daily meals and find a way to implement a decent intake of protein for each of these. If you are still unhappy with the quantity then we can have a look at the times between your meals e.g. your snacking."

"Wow, you are awesome. You and I are going to have a fantastic client-coach relationship and I can't wait to get the physique I always wanted!"

So from a coaching stand point this method can be a very vital ingredient to help the client along.

But when they are out in the real world on their own they need to find a way to help themselves stay on track, because they haven't got me checking in on them 24/7. Which leads us on today's key concept.

Think your way to success

We all know that will-power and motivation lasts about 5 minutes. They are a pretty useless tool to keep you on track. Which is why I like to have clients ask two question to themselves if they are ever unsure what to eat/train/do or feel they are just generally losing focus.

Are you ready for this? Here they are:

Is this important for your goal?

What would a lean person do?

It's such as a simple concept but regularly checking in and asking yourself the two above questions can pretty much stop you from derailing any progress. I even us it on the regular when I know I should be doing something better with my time (e.g. pointless social media scrolling zzzzzzzzzz) or with my training and nutrition (again, probably more excessive social media.)

Here are some typical examples you might consider throughout your journey to awesomeness:

I'm going to the gym and doing 50-10 sit-ups, a few planks and bit of fun with some resistance bands - is this important to my goals?

I want to eat a big fatty fry-up - would a lean person eat this?

I've been consistently neglecting sleep because that Netflix series is too good to miss - is this important to my goals?

I drive everywhere and rarely walk, even to the local shops - would a lean person do this?

It's amazing how a simple re-frame of the choices you make during the day can completely change your decisions that will ultimately determine your chances of success.

Try it today and you'll be surprised at how much more in control you feel about the day.

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