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Are You Magnesium Deficient?

Health is important to me. Health SHOULD be important to you. If not I’m not sure why you’re following this blog or my content! Yes, I want you to achieve your body composition goals, but not at the expense of sacrificing health.

As part of my online coaching, I review the micro-nutrient (vitamin and mineral) intake of my clients to see if they have any gaping holes in their diet – because a deficiency can lead to a sub optimal person. Obviously tis is not something I would ever promote to clients.

What’s the point of a decent physique if you feel like poop all of the time? But I digress…

So as you can imagine from the title above, the topic of today’s post is all about magnesium.


Because in my experience, and in the research I have...researched – magnesium can be a critical area of deficiency in a person’s diet.

As a side note, number one is vitamin D. I have written all about it here.

For reference, I have briefly mentioned magnesium in my top three recovery supplements which you can access here. This post will expand on the information in my previous post on magensium.

So let’s check to see if you think you get enough in your diet.

What is it?

Magnesium plays a role in over 300 different chemical reactions in the body. It’s a dietary mineral that helps to maintain normal nerve function, muscular function, helps you to maintain a regular heartbeat, helps keeps blood sugar stabilised, plus more.

I’m pretty sure these are all things you want right?

The typical western diet (high in calories, low in nutrients) is a big reason for this deficiency. As is a lot of sweating as we tend to seat out magnesium and other electrolytes.

But the number one suspect is a poor diet. This is because leafy vegetables and nuts are amongst the most common foods to consume for magnesium, but we generally don’t eat enough of these foods to warrant a decent daily intake.

Grains do contain magnesium, but only a negligible amount. Sorry carb lovers.

One very important thing to note is magnesium and the correlation between supplementation and blood pressure.

A reduction in blood pressure for high BP folks

It appears to have a relevant reduction in high blood pressure, mainly in subjects who lean on the side of 140/90 or above.

Take this study in which 24 subjects with mild-hypertension were given 500 mg of magnesium, against 24 subjects who acted as the control group but were only given healthy living guidance.

There was a significant 24-hour reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the subjects that took the magnesium supplementation. [1]

So a pretty super duper mineral that shouldn't be shunned by any means.

How to take

There are three popular ways to increase your magnesium levels.

Number one is to improve your diet. Increase your leafy green vegetable intake (a cup of boiled spinach has about 150 mg) along with some nuts and seeds. Almonds, cashews and sesame seeds are also your friend.

Number two is to take a bath with magnesium salts. But this might not be a very reliable source as most people don’t have time to even wipe their bum any more.

I also don’t usually recommend this option because the science doesn’t appear that strong with the rate of absorption. Also (and importantly) because I haven’t tried it myself so I cannot suggest something I haven’t tried. Just take a relaxing bath because you want to wind down at the end of a full-on day/week/month. Not because something is apparently soaking into your skin.

Number three is to use a supplement. The standard dose is between 200-400 mg. There are different forms of magnesium, depending on what it is bonded to. Oxide and glycinate are popular options.

Awesome Supplements have an all-in-one blend called Daily Dose, which also features vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Check it out here – don’t forget to use the discount code ANGEL05 to save some dollar.

So up your magnesium if you feel short on the stuff. Health is sexy too you know.

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