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The Number One Reason You Can't Lose Fat

Credit to @physiqonomics for the images in this post. They perfectly sum up in a nut shell, why you fail to see results with your fat loss.

It's not because you have a slow metabolism. It's not because of your body type. It's not because you are unlucky. It's not because you eat carbs, or fats, or proteins, or drink alcohol.

You are consuming too many calories, and might not even realise it.

Remember. Every calorie counts. Whether it's the couple extra biscuits you had with your lunch time coffee, or the liberal amount of oil or butter you add to your dinner plate.

We are naturally terrible at reporting how much food we consume. I've had plenty of clients report that they are failing to lose fat, but after some investigation and a few home truths, discover that they have been misreporting daily intake. Some as much as 1,200 calories per day!

If you are recording your food intake and can't seem to shift any weight. Then it's time you had a honest moment with yourself and critically analyse your numbers. It will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration!

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