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4 More Hacks To Make You A Fat Burning Machine

Fat loss can be tricky. If you don't have that many 'tools in the box' for helping you with a calorie deficit. If you do have the tools, you've probably been using the same ones over and over to no effect:

  • Switch your 'unhealthy' snacks for fruit

  • Remove fruit juice and just drink water

  • stop eating junk food

  • home cook some healthier meals instead.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've heard these tips before. I'm sure you probably do them now anyway so there's no point beating a dead horse and rehashing things everybody already knows.

But how about some tips you may not have heard before? 4 tips to turn your dieting into an easier journey. Wouldn't that be swell?!

1. Avoid the temptation with chewing gum

When we think of snacking, we often forget that a lot of the time it's due to our environment and not our ability to abstain from calorific snacks.

E.g. you smell coffee and automatically think of cake. Or you eat dinner and instinctively have dessert afterwards.

Break the pattern by chewing on some gum. Having a minty piece of gum will stop you inhaling high calorie snacks and give your brain something else to concentrate on.

2. Carry out a diet control review

This is something that I go a lot more in-depth with my online coaching. Basically you want to record what types of food you are binging on, and the reason as to why you binged on it in the first place.

Did you binge on half a pack of biscuits because of stress or boredom? Did you head out at lunch to buy a Big Mac and chips because of your environment and daily habits? Identify these times, and create strategies to remove them from your lifestyle.

3. Clear your house of trigger foods

OK, this is probably one you've tried before, still it's pretty important.

You want to shape your environment and make it a positive place for your fat-loss goals. How are you supposed to stick to a diet if you know that there are pizzas in the fridge and stashes of chocolate bars in the cupboard? Get them out of your immediate environment and you will be more likely to have some self control.

If for some reason they need to be in the household (ask yourself why that is though? Does your family/partner/roomy support you enough to want to help you with your fat-loss?) a great tip is to hide the food out of sight, and place 'healthier' snacks in front of them. That way, they are literally 'out of sight, out of mind.'

4. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself

Energy goes where attention flows. If you think about dieting all of the time, or think about the foods in your diet you'll put a lot of pressure on yourself with the potential to blow it through overthinking.

Like when you go out for a meal, and worry that you won't be able to enjoy yourself because everyone else is having the burger and chips. Do you feel sad because you have to opt for the salad? Or do you feel disappointed because you caved in and ordered the burger?

Or do you have the burger and chips, consider what you can do to off-set any potential calorie influx with the rest of your week, and enjoy the meal with your chosen company?

As long as your diet is 80% spot on for the entire week (including the weekend - which is where most people blow it) as long as you don't take the biscuit, 5 of your meals throughout the week can be flexible, accounting for 3 meals per day for 7 days.

It's 100 times worse to beat yourself up thinking that you screwed up because you had one 'bad meal' when you could just enjoy yourself, off-set the calories the following day and have zero negative benefits for your progression.

You'll be a lot happier, feel more accomplished and more likely stick it out for the long-term.

Give these a go, and let me know how they worked for you!

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