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Why Fat Burners Are Complete BS and How I plan To Help Fix The Supplement Industry

The supplement industry and I have a love-hate relationship. On one hand it can be a very beneficial place to go if you want optimise your health, performance and recovery once your nutrition, sleep and stress are nailed down.

On the other hand it’s a shameless, corrupt, fear mongering pack of lies that needs to be regulated because people are burning a hole in their bank account for zero results. Let me tell you why.

Before this if you do want a list of supplements that I recommend check out my top picks for health, performance and recovery.

Emotions and lies

The supplement industry is successful because as an entity it flirts with our emotions for instant change, quick fix and miracle cures, because as humans we always want to solve our problems without any actual effort involved. You'll run into these kinds of tag lines:

“I lost 10 kilos in 2 weeks because I took this pill twice per day!”

“Tone up and lose that belly fat with this simple fat-burner!”

These claims appeal to our emotions because who wants to drudge through the drudgery and actually go through the process of diet and exercise, right?

Truth or lies?

A lot of my clients ask me if these claims are justified and if they actually do the job of ‘burning fat’ or ‘getting rid of stomach fat’.

To keep this post simple I’ll target one specific ‘fat burner’ – raspberry ketones.

What are they?

First made popular by the US TV host Dr. Oz, it was suggested that they were the next big thing to help remove fat and help people lose weight. In fact the tagline for the section of the show was “miracle in a bottle”.

It’s claimed that raspberry ketones ‘increase the body’s ability to burn fat stores.’ The reason being raspberry ketones have a similar structure to the same stuff that makes chilli’s hot and how stimulants keep you wired – as both are considered great for ‘upping your metabolism’.

If you Google a clip from the Dr OZ show the guest correspondent claims that they know it burns fat because of “research, research, research.”

Now I’m not really sure where they are getting there research from because there have been NO studies carried out in actual humans to verify the validity of these claims.

The only testing that has been carried out has been in a test tube. Not in a living, walking, talking person.

Enter BS

The only miracle that was really going on was the sham that was going out to the millions of people who watched the show and bought the product.

“But my friend Jane took some and lost a load of weight so they must work!”

No they don’t. Sorry. This is simply the placebo effect at play.

When you want something to work badly enough you’ll do anything to make it work. Especially when money and pride is involved. You will do pretty much anything to prove that you were right to buy them and ensure your investment was worth it from a financial and emotional stand point.

And what if you do lose weight?

Well you just ate less and exercised more. There’s nothing magical or amazing about that. Just basic human physiology!

We know by now (at least I hope you do) that to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. More energy needs to be burned than consumed. That’s pretty much the gold standard for fat loss. So if anyone claims to have lost a bunch of weight by taking raspberry ketones, they will have no doubt eaten fewer calories and maybe even exercised more. It’s not the raspberry pill that’s doing it.

Or the Herbalife shake.

Or any other fat burner out there.

It was you all along.

If you pride is on the line you’ll pull your weight to ensure you were right. Because who wants to be wrong?

It’s time for a change

Now we’ve pulled open the curtain and exposed a fundamental issue with the supplement, the question is how can we prevent this from happening in future?

Here’s how…

Recently I’ve been lucky enough be affiliated with THE pinnacle of supplement companies in the Universe – Awesome Supplements.

It’s as no BS, no hype, research supported and ethically sound company.

All you will get is good quality, research backed supplements that ACTUALLY work.

No fat burners or miracle pills in sight.

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All of your supplement needs are covered under one roof. I’m really happy to support Awesome Supplements and their message because I truly believe in what they sell.

I’ve turned down a lot of money in the past by rejecting offers to be a part of big brand name supplement companies because I truly believe they are just using you for your money with empty promises, dodgy science and typical supplement BS.

But not only that…

Because I’m part of the team, you, the reader, get a discount when you us the code ANGEL05 with any purchase at Awesome Supplements. Not only are you getting the best quality stuff, the essentials and are not being scammed, you also get a tidy discount because you follow my work!

Check them out here.

So there it is. Out goes the BS, in comes the good stuff. Don’t say I don’t treat you!

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