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How To Win The War Against Snacking

One of the biggest reasons people fail on a diet is because they get stuck in an old way of thinking.

You should eat three square meals per day. Eating carbs after 7 pm will make you fat. You should never snack.

Today I focus on the latter.

I will say straight out of the gate that if a client wants to eat snacks throughout the day - especially if they are at the office - then I say go for it.

As long as a client is in a calorie deficit by the end of the day, they can snack to their hearts content. All you need to make sure you do is trade regular snacks for a low calorie, highly nutritious option.

So with that age-old question of ‘how do I stop myself snacking?’ The answer is - you don’t.

The problem with trying to wait out your next meal if you are hungry is that your will-power will run out waaaaaaaaaaaay before your next meal, which will mean you will have not prepared for it and will more than likely either over eat at your next meal or choose a high calorie snack and lose.

The following are snacks to opt for if you still want to have friends and associates

Protein powder or protein bar

Probably my number one snack of choice. There’s nothing better than protein for staving off the hunger gremlins. Protein powders are extremely portable and very easy to consume. Plonk a scoop or two in a cup, mix with liquid and slam it down ya gullet. They are quick, convenient and readily absorbed into your body.

Protein bars are also cool. Choose one that is low-ish in calories ideally. You could even make some homemade ones if you like to bake so that you can have better control over your energy intake.

This is also my number one commuting snack and should be used as a meal replacement when on the road.

Greek yoghurt or high protein yoghurt

Another socially acceptable meal replacement or snack. Very palatable and can be easily stored if a fridge is available.

You get a decent serving of protein with yoghurt. And they can also be used as a low calorie dessert should you wish to avoid a potential evening collapse.

Piece of fruit

Packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. You also avoid looking too much like a nonce because a lot of people eat fruit as a snack. So if being socially accepted is important to you, opt for an apple, an orange, a pear or whatever tickles your fancy.

Berries are a great shout as well. Add them to yoghurt and you’ve got yourself a 2:30 pm meal replacement that is high in protein and low in calories.

Carrot sticks

My go-to ‘non-protein’ snack of choice, especially if travelling. Relatively cheap, portable, plus you get a healthy dose of vitamin A.

People like to add a dip to keep ‘em interesting. That’s your call. But if you are like me – eat them raw!

Boiled eggs

The following are snacks to opt for if you don’t care for losing all your friends and associates

Now we start to clear out the office – but who cares? The norm these days is cake for a mid-morning snack, a Tesco meal deal and biscuits for afternoon snacks which leads to a very unhealthy diet and probably a very unhealthy person.

No thanks.

Boil a few eggs the night before and snack on this super filling, protein bliss of a snack.

Eggs are packed with nutrients like iodine, vitamin B and are a complete protein with all the essential amino acids our body needs.

Canned fish

Oh boy, now we are clearing our immediate area.

A canned fish option is great as they are packed with omega 3's in the oiler fish like sardines and salmon.

Plus protein again.

Quick tip - add some hot sauce to give it a great taste. Another tip is to sub as a meal if you buy a salad bowl and plonk the fish on top.

This has worked wonders for me in the past. Especially if you are in a pinch and the local petrol station is your only choice.

Diet drinks

This should be used as a last resort if you don’t usually drink fizzy drinks, because they could set you up for a sugar binge later on in the day. More on diet drinks here or here.

But if you have some control, they are zero calories and can stave off the mid-afternoon sweet tooth.

Black coffee

A well placed cup of java in between meals is a great choice, and will keep you going for a few hours longer.

Avoid over indulging and stick to 1-2 cups max, or you might screw up your sleeping - which is BAD for fat loss!

So snacking can be beneficial for your fat loss goals. So the next time you worry about snacking, remember that if you can’t beat them join them. But when you join them, beat the, by snacking on low calorie, high protein options.

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