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Eating More Fruits & Vegetables Is A No-Brainer

We all know that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. And not just because myself, the media, or your friends and family tell you to.

At least I hope they do.

This is always a key topic I discuss with clients when they start up with my coaching. Usually I get a food diary that happily displays bread, pastas, cheese, diary, meat. But maybe one or two servings of fruit as a snack and a portion of vegetables for dinner.

A serving of peas here and an apple or banana there isn’t going to cut it!

Instead of screaming at you for not eating enough of these super-duper foods let me educate you and answer the most important question - why are they so damn special?

Let’s have a look.

Side note – fruit and vegetables are not a panacea or cure-all device for your health woes. BUT, they come pretty close to fixing a lot of issues in your diet ( especially vegetables.) Alongside a good amount of protein (those found in meat which have a multitude of essential compounds you can’t get from vegetables) and the correct amount of calories – fruit and veg should have an integral place in your diet. End of.

Low in calories and high in fibre

One of the best tools for keeping calorie costs low and fullness high on a diet are foods packed with fibre and water. We need foods that are going to help us along the way and not sabotage our efforts by causing us to binge or over consume on high calorie foods. Fruit and veg help prevent this.

A quick tip for meals - when you look at your plate you should ensure that half your plate is filled with vegetables. What I see a lot of clients making the mistakes of doing is having half a pepper on the side of their meal and complaining that they are hungry forty-five minutes later.

Pack your plate with vegetables! They are next to nothing in calories so don’t be scared to pile them on. If you fancy something sweet, opt for berries or an apple rather than something sugar or high in calories like a chocolate bar.

They are PACKED with nutrition

An easy one this.

If calories rule the kingdom and shape how you look from the outside, it’s the nutrition you get from fruit and vegetables that effect how you feel on the inside. Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fibre. These are all things our body needs to run effectively.

  • Want more energy?

  • More focus?

  • A higher sex drive?

  • Clearer skin?

Eat them. A lot of them.

They add immense taste and colour to a dish

I once wrote in a social media post that I select a mixture of foods that are the colour of the rainbow when I do a weekly shop. That’s because you diversify your diet to include a number of vitamins and minerals as well as add immense colour and flavour to your meals.

Who wants to look at a plate of beige or brown all of the time? How boring and bland!

It psychologically keeps you on track because you have this immense array of colour on the plate, you actually trick yourself into thinking you are doing right by yourself when you eat all of this good food and will more likely to stick to a diet.

Your brain is a funny thing isn’t it!

Reduces disease risk

According to one report – eating up to ten portions of fruit and vegetables could lower disease risks like heart disease and strokes which may improve our life expectancy. [1]

That in-and-of-itself should be reason enough. There’s literally nothing more important for you than your health and you should help yourself by eating enough fruit and vegetables.

But what if I don't like the taste of vegetables? Can't I just eat less or something?

As an adult, you can do whatever you want. But if your favourite foods resemble those you would find in a 5 year old's party bag, then you should really start to question your own lifestyle choices.

Who says you can't chop up some veg and hide them in a cooking sauce?

How about blending some fruit and veg and having therm in a smoothie?

I find it incredibly hard to believe when somebody tells me they dislike vegetables.You just choose not to eat them because you have other priorities.

I know what my priorities are - and so do my clients!

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