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Do You Have Attention Deficit Goal-Setting Disorder?

This blog is an indirect follow up to something I posted recently on why you should PLAN gym sessions to avoid time wasting, and increase productivity and efficiency. Today's post is an indirect follow up to this.

The simple logic is this - you would achieve your goals quicker if you were a bit more patient.

In my experience it's a trap that a lot of people fall into (I myself have also done this on a number of occasions in the past so I know what I'm talking about!)

I know, I know. I can you hear saying it right now:

“Hold on a second. That’s sounds almost paradoxical. How can anyone achieve something quicker by taking more time to be patient?!”

Hear me out.

Sign up to the gym to get fitter. Check. Fix your diet because you want to lose some weight because you want to fit into those nice pair of jeans you used to fit in to. Check. It's all going rather well and you lose a few pounds and can walk up a set of stairs without losing your breath.

But a few weeks later it all changes.

You decide that you now want to build some strength because #strongisthenewskinny.

Then a few more weeks go by and you decide you really want to build a strong core because all of your pilates gals swear by it.

Your tastes change with the tide.

Does this sound like you?

If so - you my friend have attention deficit goal-setting disorder!

Why do we do it?

Because we all want results yesterday. It’s human nature to want something for the minimal amount of effort and time required. Time is a resource that you can’t get back so you get bored when results are not immediate.

To add fuel to the fire, we have so much information bombarded at us everyday that we have all become ADD in our approach to getting what we want.

It's like those people that follow thousands of accounts on social media. You see them scroll down and down their feeds and you know for a fact that they are not taking in ANYTHING!

The truth is you tell yourself you want something but you don't really know what you want. Or you do but you lose faith too easily.

Want an example?

A client of mine came to me and said that they wanted to be a bit more muscular. Just put on more muscle. So I said "awesome - I would suggest you start to eat in a caloric surplus, lift some weights to the tune of 8-15 reps and ensure you are recovering well with ample protein."

At about the 4 week stage (after some great progress) they decided they wanted didn't just want to put on some size but actually they also wanted to be leaner with a visible six pack, so they've been doing some pilates classes, circuit classes and a spin session once per week.

Me being a good, ethical coach said "Sorry but it ain’t gonna happen. You need to build up a decent physique with some muscle mass first by putting in some hours in the gym and then once we have that built we can look at stripping away the fat. All that cardio is doing is taking away calories that we need to build muscle."

Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with wanting to do it all. That is; build some muscle, strengthen your abs, get fitter. This something wrong with saying you are dedicated to a goal and then changing your mind every five minutes.

Don't expect to build a race car with child seats in the back. Because you won't win races.

How about another example.

Another client of mine wanted to lose about 20 kilograms. After some really good progress they managed to shift about 5 kilograms. Awesome job.

Guess what? They changed their mind and decided that actually dieting wasn't necessary anymore and will instead just do a spin class twice per week to burn off the calories.

The problem is that exercise alone is pretty terrible for trying to lose weight.

This is because exercise is only a small portion of your daily metabolic expenditure. Dieting is always key to weight loss. I'll write a more detailed post about his in the future.

Trust the process!

What you need to realise is that you don't need to get scared you are wasting time if you stick to a well

structured plan.

If you are unsure if the programme you are on is good then invest in a coach who will help guide you through the process.

One more example I promise!

A client came to me because they wanted to lose some excess fat. We had them hit some big compound movements, stop doing so much cardio and create a calorie deficit. They were reluctant because they had been bought up on the fact that cardio was the way to go for fat loss and weights was to look bulky.

Not at all, and results started to show quickly and they lost 10 pounds in a matter of weeks.

Why did they succeed? Because they trust in the process and their coach!

The moral of the story?

Consistency is king. Consistency trumps everything else. Commit to a goal you ACTUALLY want, trust the process and enjoy the journey.

The problem we have is that you want to be everything at once. Sorry to say but it isn’t going to happen. Mixed goals = mixed results.

If you change goals mid programming because what you are doing is not really what you wanted in the first place then great. Change it up. But don’t do it because you are impatient that results are not coming as quickly as you wanted.

Follow the plan until you are at the point where you can sit back and feel proud of what you have achieved you will feel a whole lot better about yourself.

So sit down, work out what you really want to achieve and strive to achieve it. Don't jump ship unless your goals no longer align with what you want.

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