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Breakfast Foods To Make Your Diet Bullet-Proof

This is a post that has been in demand for a while as a number of you seem to be stuck for ideas when it comes to the first meal of the day. Since our aim is to educate and make you all awesome we are happy to oblige!

We know that breakfast (or whatever you consider the first meal of the day) is a very important meal to get right, you really don’t want to risk setting up the remainder of your day in potential ruin because you consistently get it wrong.

Below are the best proteins, carbs, fats and beverages you can incorporate in to your breakfast. If you (A) already eat these specific foods or (B) don’t feel the need to eat foods at certain times of the day then congratulations, as you are likely ahead of the class!

Ultimately your body doesn’t care when you eat certain foods. You think it’s weird to have wild Alaskan salmon for breakfast? Your body doesn’t care. You think it’s weird to have a ton of vegetables and a side of meat for breakfast? Your body doesn’t care.

We think it’s weird to have zero nutrient dense foods in your diet just because it’s breakfast!

If you do currently struggle to move past Granola or Cornflakes for breakfast then this post will have a lot of value and move you in the right direction towards a bullet-proof diet.

So let’s start with the meat of the meal.


1. Eggs Are you stuck when it comes to enough protein ideas for breakfast? Look no further than this nutrient powerhouse. Packed with iodine, vitamin B and folate; eggs are cheap and take next to no time to cook and prepare. Plus they’re tasty and filling (as is all protein). No surprise they are number one on this list.

2. Greek yoghurt If you need a quick protein fix because you don’t have time to cook then Greek yoghurt is a great choice. Why is it better than regular yoghurt you ask? Because it’s made by straining your everyday yogurt to extract the whey (the liquid that is left after the milk is curdled) which leaves the yogurt with less sugar, fewer carbohydrates, and more protein.

3. Protein Powder Pick your preferred source (whey, casein, pea, rice) and flavour (chocolate is always win) add some fruit and some leafy greens like spinach, blitz it in the blender and head straight out the door. This is a popular option for the person that is not hungry in the morning and can take their shake with them to work to have later on. But don’t do this every day. We remove the fibre to regulate digestion and keep you full. So use this method sparingly.

4. Pork Do you enjoy the occasional slice of ham, rasher of bacon or odd banger or two in the morning? Pork will give you a good protein hit to start your day. Avoid having this option every day as pork can be a heavier calorie option which can be problematic on a diet. Plus processed meat is fairly devoid of nutrients. Your best bet is to limit intake to 1-2 portions per week.


1. Oatmeal If you are a big fan of carbs then you should ditch the sugary cereal that has no nutritional benefits and go for this lower calorie, higher fibrous option. Oats have shown to reduce bad cholesterol and pack a lot of fibre to keep you full for longer.

2. Sweet pepper It wouldn’t be a recipe list of ideas without some form of vegetable. A red pepper is packed with vitamin A and vitamin C. A good option is to chop one up and cook with eggs to make a Spanish omelette or chop up and serve raw with a ham and lettuce salad.

3. Berries If you don’t want vegetables with your breakfast then fruit is you go-to source. Lower in sugar when compared to other fruits and higher in fibre, it packs home a lot of vitamins and antioxidants which reduce free radicals in the body. Plus they are damn tasty. There’s no reason why more people should not be eating fruit for breakfast. Fruit is not evil!


1. Nuts A handful of nuts will go a long way, especially as it helps balance out dietary fat intake because a large portion of people are void of monounsaturated fats. Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts all pack home good nutrition. Just be wary with your portion sizes as even a handful packs home a fair few calories.

2. Flaxseeds A great source of the essential fatty acid Omega 3, flaxseeds are a great addition to a meal. Mix in flax with your bowl of oatmeal or add a tablespoon to your breakfast protein shake. Super simple but adds good solid nutrition. Flax also may help improve insulin sensitivity, especially in glucose intolerant individuals who struggle to control their blood sugar levels.

3. Avocado I know a lot of you swear by the stuff so it made the list. Congratulations avocado! Packed with vitamins and monounsaturated fat, it’s no wonder half of Instagram have taken to spreading the stuff over their morning toast. Dump some eggs on top and you have yourself a solid meal.


1. Coffee Kick start the day with a performance enhancing, mood altering, focus driving cup of java. Just be warned, this isn’t an excuse to wake you up or to get you through the day. it’s a chance to have something a lot of you enjoy and that will fill help you up. Enjoy responsibly!

2. Green Tea A great option for a lowered caffeine hit as it has roughly half the amount of caffeine than in a cup of coffee. If you are not keen on the taste go for a berry or herbal option and mix it up, experiment and try new flavours.

So no more excuses. Breakfast should not be void of nutrients. Make every meal count and you’ll have a more likely chance of achieving your goals!

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