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Recipe Ideas: Super Quick Nutritional Smoothies

More recipe ideas for you today. Another chance to explore different foods, different tastes and different nutrients in your diet! This time we have a two smoothie recipes that are super easy to make and only take a couple of minutes to prepare.

If you don't own a blender, invest in one. We outline the reasons in this post why owning a blender will level-up your nutrition and diet. Especially if you are rushed for time and need a quick nutritional hit!

The Incredible Hulk Smoothie

Really simple this one but super healthy. You will need:

1x kiwi 1x banana 1x handful of spinach ¼ of a cucumber ½ a lime 250 ml of water or milk Ice (optional)


  1. Pour your liquid into the flask. Next add the spinach and blend together for 15 seconds.

  2. Cut up the cucumber into small pieces and add to the flask.

  3. Add the kiwi and banana.

  4. Squeeze in the lime.

  5. Blend all of the ingredients together and enjoy.

A chocolaty & nutty protein shake

A great protein shake with a decent calorie content. Ideal as a meal replacement or a mass gainer. If you want to lower the calorie intake, remove the ground almonds and seeds.

You will need:

½ an avocado 1 tbsp of cacao powder 1 tbsp of macca powder 1 tbsp of ground almonds 1 banana 1 tbsp flax seeds 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder 250 ml water or milk Squeeze of honey Ice (optional)

  1. Add the liquid. Scoop out the avocado from the skin into the flask and add the banana.

  2. Add the cacao powder, macca powder, ground almonds and flax seeds.

  3. Add the protein powder. Add two scoops if you want to increase the protein content of the meal.

  4. Add the honey for added sweetness.

  5. Blend it. Drink it. Enjoy it!

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