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5 Ways To Level-Up Your Nutrition

Is your current diet not up to par? Do you feel you lack the nutrients you need to feel awesome? Are you not progressing toward your goals? Do you wish that you knew a few simple hacks to super-charge your daily nutritional intake? Well today you are in luck as we’ll provide you with a few simple ways to ensure that you are on track to a better, healthier you!

The following hacks are designed to be easy enough to implement today without too much effort. Oh, and don’t let the information fall by deaths ear. Make sure you actually take on the advice. Apply, apply, apply!

Right, let’s get into it and level-up your nutrition!

1) Fruits and vegetables at meals

Real simple. At every meal ensure that you have at least 2 portions of either fruits and vegetables. Ensure you do this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As an example, if you usually have eggs on toast or something to that effect, and don’t have the stomach for a side portion of vegetables because its the morning and the thought of spinach turns you off, then have some berries and a banana instead. You can also do this with a bowl of oats. Berries and banana on oats is killer. Try it. You’ll never go back.

Lunch and dinner should pretty much take care of themselves, as you should already have an abundance of vegetables here.

Fancy a home-made curry? Add some onion, garlic and a side of greens. What about pasta? Add some sweet peppers and olives (I know not technically fruit or veg but still killer) to the meal.

This one hack is super easy to remember but will greatly enhance your nutritional intake, especially if you lack a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

2) Buy a food blender

If you have the capital and don’t particularly like the taste of vegetables with your meals this is the option for you. Liquid nutrition is great if you are rushed for time and want a quick and easy health boost. However you don’t want to resort to them all of the time, as we lose the essential fibre in fruit and vegetables which we need to aid our digestion, and to keep things regular down...there...so moderation here please.

Smoothies are great option. Add a banana, kiwi, spinach and lime to water or milk (250ml) blitz it and enjoy. Find combos that work for you and start to experiment.

I know some of you may wince that it can cost a bit to buy a blender. If you don’t have the money then save up for one. I mean do you really need that extra pair of jeans anyway? Nutri Bullet's do the job well and you pick one up for about £50.00. Totally worth it.

3) Swap sugary sodas for diet drinks

We'll fire out a blog post soon which explains the current research on diet drinks and whether or not you should include them in your diet. But for now, just know that if you want a super easy way to lower your overall daily caloric intake you can switch out a sugary can of coke for a zero calorie diet coke.

Even better would be to cut out sodas altogether and drink water; but I know some of you will hate the thought of this. The power that an occasional diet drink can have for dietary adherence and keeping you on track is understandable. So use this option as a sugar-pang nullifier if you are tempted to eat a lot of sweets and chocolate.

4) Go conservative when dining out

If you are on a diet and plan to eat out; with friends, at a work function, or a special occasion like a wedding then there’s probably no easier way to derail progress then having a blow-out. Except for maybe a buffet which are super tricky, especially if we are talking all-you-can-eat. But stick with me and do the following...

Throughout the meal you are allowed one free pass to indulge. So generally at meals we have a starter, the main course, dessert and drinks. Instead of having all of them, you allow yourself one free pass at a starter, dessert or alcoholic drink. Not all of them, but one of them.

In my experience, if it’s a lunch, opt for a water or diet soda (remember its calorie free so we can have this) and maybe a dessert. Sometimes just the main will suffice. For dinner, yeah go ahead and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer.

On the occasion you are having a big night out and will consume a lot of alcohol and food then the work needs to start the moment you wake up. Strip back a lot of your carbs or dietary fats and pack in a ton of protein and vegetables. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best of a bad situation. Just ensure that you get back on track the next day.

This will take practice and will-power, but give it a try, relax and have a good evening!

5) Learn one new recipe each week

There are literally thousands of recipes out there, and you don’t even need to buy a recipe book anymore. Google is your friend.

Not only will you increase your culinary powers if you despise cooking, but you will also begin to try a variety of different foods, herbs and spices. Which is doubly awesome for your weekly nutritional intake if you are like most people and eat the same 20 foods.

You start to explore different areas of the supermarket that you never knew existed. Vegetables that you once thought were bland and tasteless now add immense value to a basic meal. You friends will be the envy of your new found skills in the kitchen!

So a few ideas for you to take on board. Remember to apply them and level-up today!

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