Welcome To The FIT Mumma Method!

[Important. Please Read The Full Page]

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get During Our Journey Together.

Initial Assessment & Consultation. A 60 question online health assessment to determine your starting point. Once this has been completed, we will book you in for an initial consultation and create a plan that will fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Daily Food Diary And Progress Report. You will be tracking your food intake with your online tracking tool, which your designated coach will be able to check daily to ensure you are on track. Every week you will submit a weekly weight average and measurements every 4 weeks.

Customized exercise programme. Your coach will review your realistic expectations of commitment to exercise and tailor a plan to suit your goals.

Now Your Urgent To Do List...

But before you begin...

Remember to take your time and not to get caught up with all the new shiny things we are asking you to do. It might seem overwhelming, but if you follow the steps in order it will make perfect sene.


1) Take Your Starting Progress Pictures - do not move on to the next step without these. Take them in the morning, on an empty stomach, ideally in natural lighting with the same clothes on each time. You'll do these every 4 weeks. Once you've created your Google Drive folder, please add your photos to your folder.

Don't panic - we will not share your photos online without asking your permission first.

Below is an example of a before and after that you can use as reference for your own photos.

2) Create a Google Account - If You Don't Have One Already (Click The Button Below [Estimated time 5 minutes]

3) Set Up A My Fitness Pal Account - Once Created Follow The Below Steps:

Step 1) Menu > Settings > Sharing & Privacy > Diary Sharing > Friends Only


Step 2) Menu > Friends > Friends > Add > Email > MFP Username: SLAcademyUK> Send Invite

Don't be tempted to jump the gun and set a very low calorie target, as this might slow your progress down by dropping your calories too low and crashing our metabolism. Please wait for your calorie target to be provided by your coach

4) Join the Confident VIP Ladies

This will be the group where all trainings are uploaded to, where we ensure you are staying accountable to your goals, and where share some cool content with you!

Go introduce yourself, and let us know about your goals!

5) Book Yourself In For A 60 Minute Strategy Session.

This Is Where We Will Begin To Create Your Personalised Plan.

Whilst You Are Waiting To Attend Your Scheduled Strategy Session, We Will Email You With A Link To Your Personalised Google Folder (usually within 2 working days.) In Here Please Make Suer You Complete The Following Tasks BEFORE Your Strategy Session:

  • Read The 'Your Introduction' File (Do This First!)

  • In-Depth Lifestyle Questionnaire (Please Use A Laptop Or IPad To Avoid Any Potential Issues Using A Phone)

  • Read The Terms & Conditions And Print An E-Signature At The Bottom

  • Complete Your Measurements In The Spreadsheet In Your Folder In The Highlighted Column

  • Add Your Photos To The Google Folder

Once These Are Complete, We Will See You For Your Strategy Session!