6 Week Belly-Fat Burner

Lose weight, naturally tuck your tummy &

increase your energy levels within 6 weeks.

Tone & Shape Your Midsection. Regain Your Energy Levels.

Ready Yourself For Head-Turning Body Confidence.

Enrol Today For Just £47 And Get Access To: 

1) A 6 week formula to consistently remove unwanted weight and feel fitter than you ever have before so you can fit into all those clothes you haven't worn in years

2) The three basic tools we use with our clients for everlasting results (zero cost involved with any software)

3) Our FIT Momma Method for easily deconstructing the three areas you should always be focusing on that most PT's and coaches overlook

4) Consistent accountability so it's literally impossible for you not to achieve your goal

5)Our entire portfolio of guides, cheat sheets, exercise plans and meal plans that only paying clients have access to

In previous iterations of our time-length challenges, I discovered very quickly that we could easily cram everything we taught our ladies into a much shorter period of time. We could streamline the experience and not lose any quality of service.

So we've cut the fat and and condensed our teachings into 6 weeks of coaching. Without losing any important stuff. Not only does this mean we can lower the price of the coaching, we can get our ladies results even quicker in a shorter amount of time. 

With everything we teach, it will give you the launchpad to go forth, to look and feel like a Queen of your own social circle and family.

And so, the 6 Week Belly-Fat Burner was born. Everything you need in less than two months.

We've created this lower cost service for three reasons.

1) A lower price entry level will help more ladies get a result.

I get that not every body can afford 1-2-1 private coaching which is why we want to give a lower price point to allow more ladies access all our goodies.

2) We want to provide the truth about effective weight loss

There is far too much misinformation and disinformation in the health and fitness world. And it doesn't help that there are so called 'experts' out there to get your money, and leave you no better off than when you started. I want to reach as many women as possible to show them that nutrition and exercise can be a simple area of life to master.

3) Show you the simple steps to get your dream figure

Picking someone to help you push forward in life is a very scary prospect. You worry that your hard-earned money is going to be gobbled up by some internet guy with a ginger stubble. This 6 week service aims to break down any barriers you may have about online coaching and put trust back in a guy who wants to help as many women that need the help.

To achieve your results, we are going to give you the EXACT tools we use with our clients everyday to ensure you are never off-track and ensure that progress is linear and predictable.

1) Less Is More

An effective approach to your health and fitness doesn't need to be overly complicated. Nor does it need to be expensive. We follow a 'minimum effective dose' at Confident Body Breakthrough which will mean you do not have to commit all of your time and energy to eating healthy and exercising intensely. We show you how that is possible.

2) Our FIT Momma Method

The exact steps to have your diet finally working FOR YOU, rather than you working for your diet. Plus the systems and software for tracking your progress which keeps you motivated throughout your journey. Without this, results will never stick around and you'll soon be back to signing up to Failing World.

3) Becoming A Fitness Expert

We give you all the tools to understand how food and exercise affects your body and ultimately how it will give you the results you are seeking, So you no longer have to guess your way to victory.

This programme is designed for you if you are a Mum, Office Worker, or Bride-to-Be with an upcoming Hen Do & wedding with the goal to look good and feel good without resorting to crazy diets and excessive exercise routines.

You DON'T need any of the following to take part:

  • An understanding of calories or macronutrients

  • An exercise plan as we will create this with you

  • Any sleep tracking apps or step tracking devices (although they do help)

  • A gym membership (this also helps immensely)

  • Equipment to be used at home, like dumbbells or resistance bands

You DO need the following to take part:

  • 1-2 hours per day to commit to tracking your progress, making healthy meals and exercising

  • Access to Facebook and a laptop or phone

How will the programme run?

We'll be running one training session per week for 5 weeks (Mondays) with a 1-2-1 call in the final week to review your results and to plan out the next 12-months for you. Calls will be done via Zoom calls and live streaming to a private Facebook group. This will include a group chat with constant chasers and nudges to keep you on-track.

What if I'm in a different timezone? Can I do this from anywhere?

All trainings will be recorded live and added to the group so there is no need whatsoever to attend the training live (although we advise where possible.) This is one of the key benefits to online coaching as you will never miss a thing, even if you are occupied for whatever reason.

Do I need to have a certain amount of experience with dieting and exercise?

No not at all. All you need is an open mind and the ability to take action as we show you our approach to simple and effective weight loss.

What if I don't like certain foods or have a gut issue/ Type II Diabetes/ hormonal imbalance/ kidney problems etc?

This programme caters to your own personal situation. We would never ask you to eat a specific food or follow a specific diet because this defeats the object of flexible dieting. And with any underlying health condition you should seek the advice of your doctor, though this programme is advice based and not prescriptive and is a guide to help you lose weight even with said conditions.

You mention software. Will I have to pay for these?

No, all software we recommend is free to use - such as Google Drive, My Fitness Pal, Hevy/Strong for iPhone and Android. You not need to have any prior experience with any of the software we use. They are super easy to navigate too so you won't have to learn a lot of complicated app tech things to take part.


How does this differ from your flagship group coaching programme?

Other than the price difference because we understand not everyone can afford coaching, this package comes with a 6 week limit.  Whilst you will learn everything you need in order to create a positive and healthy body for yourself, the package runs for 6 weeks, and for a lot of ladies, this is only the first step toward achieving life-long results.

Cards on the table, I hope that after 6 weeks you see some awesome results and want to continue the journey inside our core programme - ConfidentMums - with the intention to go all-in and 10x everything you've learned so far.

OK, I'm interested. How do I sign up?
Easy peasy. Click one of the green buttons throughout this page and it'll direct you to page where you can enter your payment details. The programme starts on Monday 4th May so you will need to have enrolled in the programme by Sunday 11:59 PM UK time to secure your spot.